Dunlewey Addiction Service Disconnect to Connect


Dunlewey Addiction Service Disconnect to Connect

Since the pandemic we have received a lot of enquiries from parents noting a vast increase in the amount of screen time and online gaming from their children. Considering this, we will design and deliver a pilot treatment programme for young people facing problem gaming/gambling issues.

This will involve us developing a management group of mainly young people to enable us to look more widely at these issues and develop appropriate and timely services.

The youth led management group will give young people an important voice ensuring that they are heard, acknowledged and ensure that all future support is youth led from the outset.

The youth led management group will develop an important network of young people who work together in conjunction with Dunlewey Addiction Services to discuss issues faced by young people today, and to develop programmes, support networks and initiatives that help young people face and overcome challenges.

Through the youth led management group, young people will be able to-

  • Enhance their C.V
  • Develop skills such as leadership skills, communication skills and teamwork
  • Be involved with a network of young people
  • Become a leader and have an important contribution to positive change in society
  • Acquire qualifications
  • Gain mentor support

Longer term, the programme will involve 6 key areas of support for young people as follows-

  • Mentoring
  • Awareness raising
  • Mindfulness
  • Counselling initiatives
  • Creation of a safe online support forum (with peer/leader) & Dunlewey project lead oversight.
  • Diversionary activities