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Housing Executive Community Involvement Grants 2024/25

Housing Executive Community Involvement Grants 2024/25

Community Involvement Grants applications are now live and will close on Tuesday 28 May 2024.

Open to all constituted community groups within the Housing Community Network (HCN), the Community Involvement Grant Scheme is part of the Housing Executive’s Social Investment Framework and should be viewed as a means of encouraging Health and Wellbeing, Environmental Improvement, Intergenerational Practice Digital Inclusion and cost of living/poverty at a local level.

Community Involvement grants allow community groups to apply for funding for projects that will benefit Housing Executive Communities. 

The projects must fit in with one or more of the below themes:

  • Health & Wellbeing 

  • Environment Improvement

  • Intergenerational Practice 

  • Digital Inclusion

  • Cost of living/poverty 

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