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Training Details

Free Online Training Session "Understanding Rare"

NIRDP are pleased to announce their next Free online training session "Understanding Rare"

on June 26th from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

This session will be run via zoom.

To confirm your attendance please email:


Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership (NIRDP) are thrilled to introduce our newly devised education and upskilling programme, "Understanding Rare". This initiative is designed to foster a deeper understanding and empathy towards the unique needs of the 1 in 17/110K individuals (many of which are children) living with rare diseases or conditions in Northern Ireland, and many of whom experience acute mental health/financial/work/housing or isolation needs alongside carers or family members who are also experiencing these challenges.

Through this short programme, participants will be better prepared to:

·         Understand the complex needs of those with rare diseases in our community.

·         Empathise with their unique challenges and experiences through the sharing of Rare Stories

·         Signpost more successfully to organisations like the NIRDP or other rare condition organisations, facilitating a network of comprehensive support.

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