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Dunlewey Addiction Services



Counselling provides a safe and confidential space offering young people the opportunity to talk and think about themselves and concerns in a way that they may not have felt able to do with friends and family. We offer 10 sessions initially which can be reviewed.

Mentoring for young people provides a safe environment where they can share and explore concerns, gain support raise awareness regarding drugs, alcohol and other issues with a trained professional who can guide and inform them. We offer 10 sessions initially which can be reviewed.

Group work will look at exploring behaviours, self esteem, drug and alcohol issues and behaviours, consequences of negative behaviours and motivational support. Groups consist of 8 to 10 individuals, delivered over approx. 6 to 10 weeks and last from 45mins to 2 hours depending on group make up and requirements.

Family work. Our aim is to strengthen families, increase resources, encourage positive and supportive roles and provide practical information regarding the various substances that are out there, how and why these substances are misused. We support families who have a young person misusing substances and who are engaged in support services. We support families who have a young person misusing substances and are not engaged in services.

About Dunlewey Addiction Services

Dunlewey Addiction Services LTD (DAS) was founded in 1987 and has been providing specialist services to those experiencing addiction issues ever since. We have branch offices in Belfast, Lisburn, Ballymena, Armagh and Portadown with access to satellite bases across the island of Ireland. Dunlewey Addiction Services LTD offer a free and confidential counselling and mentoring programme for those experiencing difficulties with their own, or other people’s substance misuse or gambling issues. Dunlewey staff are professionally trained and have many years experience in the field of addiction and substance misuse.

D.A.S provides experienced and professional assistance with a range of substance misuse issues, from alcohol or drugs, through to difficulties with prescribed medications, or indeed the use of unprescribed medications and so-called “legal highs” – now known as New Psychoactive Substances or NPS’s.

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Magharee House, 82 Thomas Street,
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