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Funding Details

Tesco Footie For All Fund

Who is eligible to apply to Footie for All?

Footie for All will fund grassroots football organisations supporting children under the age of 18 to continue to deliver activities that supports local young people to be able to take part. 

What types of projects will Footie for All fund?

Applications are open to all grassroots football organisations who support children under the age of 18.

Do we need match funding?

Footie for All can fund 100% of your project costs so you do not need any match funding. However, if you secured additional funding, there is no limit to what this amount can be and any funding awarded by Tesco can form part of your wider project costs.

Projects that are ineligible:

  • Schools

  • Projects that work with over 18’s

  • Individuals

  • Community Interest Companies with shares (CIC’s)

  • Community Interest Companies with guarantee that are less than two years old

  • Profit-making organisations

  • School Breakfast clubs

  • Play areas

  • Food banks

  • Counselling and support services for children

  • Health bodies

  • Parish/Town councils

Apply Today:

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